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    powder coating spray paint booth BTD-15-50-B; BTD15-50-D
    The goods are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of receipt, but the filters and lamps are not guaranteed. It cannot be applied for damages caused by negligence of operations or mishandling of the machine.
    BTD Products
    High quality and advanced technology are applied in BTD product ranges, involving automotive spray booth, bus and truck spray booth, prep station, mixing room, bench spray booth, open face spray booth and infrared curing lamp.Custom Design paint booth is our super advantage.
    Booth Dimensions
    -Internal Size(L×B×H) 15000×5000×5000mm 15000×5000×5000mm
    -External Size(L×B×H) 15150×6500×5770mm 15150×7700×5900 mm
    Foundation and Floor
    -Loading Capacity
    of Galvanized Grating3500KG/ wheelNO
    – Surface Area12M²(1 row galvanized grid)33M² ( 2 rows air exhaust plenum chamber)
    – Metal Basement1000mm Height(need to dig foundation )NO
    – Drive-in RampsNONO
    Wall and Door
    – Wall PanelDouble Construction with Insulations EPS 60mmDouble Construction with Insulations EPS 60mm
    – Roof PanelDouble Construction with Insulations EPS 50mmDouble Construction with Insulations EPS 50mm
    3-Folded Entrance Door With
    Safety Glass Window4300×4800 mm (B×H) 4300×4800 mm (B×H)
    -Operator’s Door With Safety Glass Window800×2000 mm (B×H) 2PCS800×2000 mm (B×H) 2PCS
    -Ceiling Lightings16 Units, each 4×36 W, Total 2304W16 Units, each 4×36 W, Total 2304W
    – Side Lightings24 Units, each 2×36 W, Total 1728W12 Units, each 2×36 W, Total 864W
    – Brightness>1000 Lux, IP54 Grade>1000 Lux, IP54 Grade
    -PrefiltersFibreglass, Paint-Stop-Filters
    Plate type duel filtersFibreglass, Paint-Stop-Filters
    Plate type duel filters
    -Ceiling FiltersEU5 Fine Filters, 6 UnitsEU5 Fine Filters, 6 Units
    -Floor FiltersFibreglass, Paint-Stop-FiltersFibreglass, Paint-Stop-Filters
    Ventilation System
    -Direct Drive Motor (Fresh Air)2×7.5KW,970RPM,380V,50HZ
    motor certification:CE2×7.5KW,970RPM,380V,50HZ
    motor certification:CE
    -Direct Drive Motor (Exhaust Air)2×7.5KW,970RPM,380V,50HZ Domestic
    motor certification:CE2×7.5KW,970RPM,380V,50HZ
    motor certification:CE
    – Fan Capacity 50.000m³/h 50.000m³/h
    – Air Flow Speed +/- 0.20 m/s in an empty booth+/- 0.20 m/s in an empty booth
    Heating System
    – Heating ExchangerStainless Steel 1Gr18Ni9Ti Stainless Steel 1Gr18Ni9Ti
    -Heating Exchange Capacity2×232KW(260.000Kcal/H) 2×232KW(260.000Kcal/H)
    -Burner ModelRIELLO RG5D diesel burnerRIELLO RG5D diesel burner
    -Max. Drying Temperature 80 °C80 °C
    – Heating time 10-15 min (from 20 to 60°С)
    by Drying Phase 10-15 min (from 20 to 60°С)
    by Drying Phase
    -Heating Type (optional)Diesel /Gas BurnerDiesel /Gas Burner
    Control Board
    -Control systemStandard control delta depressurization
    start system, EN60204-1-2006Standard control delta depressurization start system, EN60204-1-2006
    -FunctionPainting, baking, warm painting, emergency stop switchPainting, baking, warm painting, emergency stop switch
    -Inverter controlOptionalOptional
    -Import elementmaster device import elementmaster device import element
    -Overpressure Manometeryesyes
    – Alarm equipmentyesyes
    Our Services
    1. Welcome to visit our factory.
    2. OEM Manufacturing is available
    3. We will reply you for your inquiry in 24 hours.
    4. After sending, we will track the products for you once every two days, until you get the products.
    5. When you got the goods, we will help you for installation if needed.
    6. If you have any questions about the problem, contact with us, we will offer the solve way for you.Industrial Spray Booth factory