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    ★An Introduction to Wuhan HealthCare Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
    Wuhan HealthCare Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a fast growing National High Tech Enterprise (NHTE) and a leading manufacturer engaged in the design, research, development, production and marketing of high standards quality, innovative and affordable molecular cytogenetics product and automation for the benefit of the medical research and medical diagnostics community.
    ★Wuhan HealthCare Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Product & Services
    The company through its torchbearer brand FastProbe® serves hospitals, clinics, scientists, academic research institutions, professionals’ in molecular research, and diagnostic laboratories.
    ★The company product consists of:
    Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) probes
    The very short hybridization time of 1-2 hours (against 16-24 hours for conventional probes) 8-24 times fast compared to conventional probes has revolutionized and shortened the final results availability by 87.5-91.67% of saving a tremendous time and allowing the physician to make an early and correct decision on patients’ case.
    Real-Time qPCR kits
    In personalized medicine for Clopidogrel or Plavix (CYP2C19), Warfarin or Coumarin (VKORC1 & CYP2C9), Statins (SLCO1B1 & APOE), Nitroglycerin/Alcohol metabolic ability (ALDH2) and Folic acid (MTHFR).
    FISH pretreatment kit reagent
    For quality FISH pretreatment operations.
    Fully automatic/semi-automatic FISH pretreatment instrumentation
    For time saving and precise FISH slides pretreatment operations.
    ★The company services consist of:
    OEM bulk supply unlabeled ready to use FISH probe kits
    For companies and customers looking at supplying their market with their own brand.
    Custom FISH probes
    For companies and customers looking at specific probes tailored at their defined requirements.
    In addition, to its mature technology, quality and affordable product, the company has an outstanding service with short lead-time for goods shipment (24-72 hours) and professional technical support before, during and after sales.
    ★Our enterprise Certificate
    ★Our patent certificate
    CLL Chromosome And Gene Anomaly Probe Free Sample