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    1. This crawler type rock mucking loader is suitable for thin seam coal mining. In China, this is the first excavation equipment for coal mine, hard rock in non-coal mine and big slope inclined roadway construction.
    2. The slag raking machine is configured with high pressure spraying device, which has function of explosion proof and dedusting.
    3. The operating mechanism pick material for loading, then the material is transshipped by scraper conveyor.
    4. Rock mucking loader perfectly integrates functions of excavator, loader and bulldozer. Hence, the motor rotation frequency of this excavator is decreased. It does not need to perform needless actions, such as moving back and forward, so as to save power.
    5. Our innovated rock excavation equipment also solves high oil temperature of hydraulic system caused by long time operating. This improvement prolongs service life of hydraulic component as well as enhances equipment reliability.
    Products Advantage:
    Compact structure
    Easy to operate and maintain
    Stable and durable performance
    High efficiency and saving man power
    Energy conservation and no tail gas environment protection
    Model STB-60S Crawler Mucking Loader Technical Data
    Excavating Width(mm)4200
    Excavating Length(mm)1600
    Excavating Height(mm)1800-2700
    Excavating Depth(mm)450
    Unloading Height(mm)1200(changeable)
    Minimum Loading Height(mm)1300-1600(changeable)
    Unloading Distance(mm)1600(changeable)
    Maximum Rotation Angle(°)±50
    Loading Capacity(m³/hour)60
    Min Turning Radius(mm)5500
    Climbing Ability(°)≦20(hard ground)
    Travelling Speed(m/min)2-4.5
    Motor Power(kw)22
    Maximum Material By Size(LxWxH) (mm)680x580x500
    Ground Clearance(mm)200
    Applied Working Section(W*H) (m)≥2.0×2.0
    Nominal Working Pressure(Mpa)20
    Applied Tunnel Gradient(°)≤15Mucking Loader For Railway