MAP: Creators Team’s Quests Details Released

Hello Metadians,

Last month we announced MAP, our very own ambassador program and since then, more than 250 people have subscribed. The first phase of MAP will take place from May 14th to June 21st and will be around the Creators Team, which aims to engage with a global audience of artists and designers interested in identity, self-expression and technology. One week till the start and we couldn’t be more excited!

We are focused on building a new community of creative minds in this industry. Creators Team has three categories: UX/UI, Graphic Design, and Arts, with each of them having different quests.


Quest 1: Improve how a wallet address is displayed in the dApps.

Currently, due to the number of characters in the wallet addresses, it is difficult to display it on a mobile. We’re excited to see your suggestions for a better way to display wallet addresses in the dApps.

Current view

Quest 2: Improve the recovery code display and process.

Currently, due to wallet and assets recovery, users are asked to save and back up mnemonic code, but the process is long for onboarding users. Make it simple and easy! We know, we ask a lot — but it’s more fun this way. We look forward to your suggestions for a better process to recover your information.

Current process

Quest 3: Design a dApp wireframe for tokenization platform for artworks.

Nowadays, more and more projects and people are focusing on the asset backed token platforms.

As an artist yourself, if you were to make an artwork-based tokenization app, what would it look like? Provide few pages of your user scenario and wireframe — the only limit is your imagination!

Graphic Design

Quest 1: Create infographics for selected blog posts.

We create a lot of written content, seriously, a lot! And we would love to see how the ideas we share can be presented visually. We will release a list of articles, feel free to design infographics for any of them. And when we say infographics, we mean cool ones.

Quest 2: Create designs for merch.

Our team is planning to launch a Merch Store and we’ll love to see your ideas for merch. Tees, hoodies, caps… Go crazy!

Join at


Quest 1: Do it in your style.

Looking for an easier task to get started? Draw Metadium’s character in your own style.

Mia is a guide in our Keepin application and part of the Metadium family. Share you version of Mia with the world.

We’re looking forward to seeing your works. If you want to learn about rewards, head to our website.

Spread the word, share this with your friends and stay tuned, only one week to go!


Team Metadium

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