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    Alloy Steel Load Pin
    Features of alloy steel load pin
    ●Capacity: 20kN~800kN
    ●Alloy steel material, welded sealing, oil-proof, water-proof, anti-corrosion.
    ●Double ended shear beam pin type easy installation
    ●Application for draft sensors cranes hopper weighing process weighing and onboard vehicle weighing
    Specifications of alloy steel load pin
    combined error 0.2%FS0.5%FS
    non-linearity ±0.2%FS±0.5%FS
    hysteresis ±0.2%FS±0.5%FS
    zero unbalance1.5%FS
    excitation voltage5VDC~15VDC
    operating temperature range-35~+70℃
    comperature temperature range-10~+55℃
    temperature coefficient of zero0.1%FS/10℃
    temperature coefficient of span0.1%FS/10℃
    input resistance410±30Ω
    output resistance350±10Ω
    insulation resistance ≥ 5000MΩ@50VDC
    safe overload150%FS
    ultimate overload200%FS
    protectionIP66 or IP67
    electrical interface4-core shielded cable, diameter:5.7mm, length:5mLoad Pin price in China