Metadium Ambassador Program – Map


Metadium Ambassador Program’s vision is to create a vibrant and active community of professionals, creatives and enthusiasts who push the boundaries and constantly innovate.


Here is what you can expect from Metadium Ambassador Program

Find like-minded people

The MAP will gather people with business, art, and tech backgrounds, who want to have a better identity paradigm.

Broaden your impact

The MAP will allow you to make a direct impact on the Metadium project in various forms.

Communicate to be heard

A chance to have candid, direct conversations about the identity issues Metadium wants to solve.

Get feedback and rewards

Your participation in the program will be reviewed and scored by community and team, and rewarded with META coins and gift cards.

Designers, artists, and everyone with creative mind unite – this team is for YOU. MAP Creators Team aims to engage with a global audience of artists and designers interested in identity, self-expression and technology.

Team Creator’s Badges

Received after registration and first login

Received when reached 20 points

Received when reached 40 points

Received when reached 80 points

Received when reached 100 points

Other Teams

Team Tech Innovators

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Team Pioneers

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Team Storytellers

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New Quests

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Love drawing? Then you are in the right place. Sharpen your pencils and share your creativity with the world!

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UX/UI is awfully underrated field, especially in the blockchain area. We believe it is a key to mass adoption of technologies like blockchain.

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Information presented in a clear and beautiful way can move people, touch hearts and make history. Use your secret powers to communicate what we want to the people. 

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