Graphic Design General Guidelines

The following guidelines are put in place to keep the program professional and fair to all members at Entries that do not meet these requirements will be deleted from the program.

Before entering ANY quest, read the goals and description thoroughly. All entries must be the designer’s original work. Plagiarism is prohibited. The source files to winning design entries must be uploaded within 24 hours.

**No payout to any banned designer for winning a quest with a stolen, copied or plagiarized  design, or art you did not create 100% your own work**


Image Format Requirements

  • Designs must be created in vector format. Remember to keep the original vector files of your work. Do not upload them.
  • Designs must be created with Illustrator, CorelDraw, Fireworks or Flash.
  • Designs must be in .jpeg or .png format. When uploading .png files, make sure you have a white background, otherwise the image will turn black.
  • Minimum file size: 680 pixels wide x 490 pixels high, RGB format 300res/dpi.*

*If the size and format requirements are not met, the quality and resolution of your images will be compromised.

*Website designs may be larger to show the full page, jpg or png file format only for the entry

Other Format Requirements

  • No watermarks on design entries.
  • No clipart or pre-made templates or designs that are made or used in tutorials (this will result in an immediate and permanent ban from the platform). Certain exceptions apply to website, T-shirt and business card design.
  • If you use templates, check with ELUA for specific copyright details and read the End User License Agreement for clipart rules.
  • No dingbats for logo design entries*
  • Photos can be traced “only” if you own the photo
  • You may use backgrounds and mockups in logo design quests.  Remember logo quests are logo quests not stationery or business card quests, you can use a mockup card but make it  generic, do not work up stationery or business cards for a logo quest…

Mockups allowed but you need to show the normal view of the design not just a mockup of the design, remember  “simple” mockup not complete card designs, you end up giving away free work!

  • You may not use the same entry in more than one open quest.
  • You may not upload multiple designs in one entry unless they are variations of one design such as color. So one design in one entry
  • First designer to submit the unique idea/concept in a quest “not requested in the quest brief and not expected element” owns that idea/concept. You  are not allowed to take the idea/concept or element from another designer and create on that. Infractions will incur for copying if this happens

*Guidelines for different design categories may vary.

Communication Within the Team

  • Keep communication with the participants professional and friendly.


  • If the winning source file is not submitted within 24 hours, a $25 worth of META will be subtracted from the reward.
  • If you fail to follow the upload guidelines a 2nd time, you will be banned for 15 days. If it happens a 3rd time, you will be banned permanently.
  • If you’re experiencing any difficulties, you can ask for support in our FB group.

General Conditions

  • Authorize Rights To Metadium Technology, Inc.
    • By submitting your work you authorize Metadium Technology, Inc.  to post your entry on our site indefinitely, and grant Metadium Technology, Inc.  the right to use and display prints of your design for marketing and other purposes.
  • Metadium Technology, Inc.  Reserves The Sole Right To Determine Eligibility
    • Each entry will go through an approval process to determine if the work meets our criteria before the entry will be available for judging in its category.
  • Metadium Technology, Inc.  Reserves The Sole Right To Adjust Quest Rules Without Notifying Participants
    • Based on the volume of entries or legal requirements, quest rules can be changed and updated without notice. Quest participants are responsible for checking the site for changes, and should review the rules prior to each submission.
  • Metadium Technology, Inc.  Is Not Responsible For Damage To Computer Equipment During Downloads
    • Metadium Technology, Inc.  will make every reasonable attempt to approve only artwork we deem safe for our users to download. However, Metadium Technology, Inc.  accepts no responsibility for any damage to contestant or visitor computer equipment that may result from system malfunction or corrupted/infected files. Scanning any file prior to download with a virus protection program is recommended.

Good design:

  1. Consistent use of fonts
  2. Proper use of colors
  3. Readability
  4. Proper placement of elements of design
  5. The proper amount of white space
  6. The clear meaning behind the design
good design example 1

What we don’t want to see.

  1. Poorly organized information
  2. Unexpected second meaning
  3. Element placement that makes it hard to understand the idea of design
  4. Inconsistent use of fonts, altered meaning (socially inappropriate meaning)
  5. Design technical errors, use of bad quality images, misspellings and etc.

1. Poorly organized information


2. Unexpected second meaning

3. Element placement that makes it hard to understand the idea of design

Inconsistent use of fonts, altered meaning (socially inappropriate meaning)

Design technical errors, use of bad quality images, misspellings and etc.

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