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    1.Product Figure
    2.Product Data Sheet
    Specification1200×1000×150 mm
    Load CapacityStatic Load:6TDynamic Load:1.5TRacking Load:1.3T
    Unit Weight23.8KG±0.5kg(reinforced by steel tubes)
    Usage temperature-25℃~40℃
    ColorAccording to customers demand
    MarkIntegrated printing
    silk screen printing
    Structure characteristicDeck typeClosed decks
    Bottom typeClosed decks
    production processInjection Molding &sweating soldering
    4.Product Features
    1).Standard double faced plastic pallets apply to transportation and storage,especially for stacking.
    2).Flat closed decks are easy to be cleaned.
    3).Smooth and closed deck prevent cargoes away from damage.
    4).4 ways,applicable for pallet trucks and stacker ,also available for warehouse.
    5). They have corrosion resistance, non-absorbent,moth-proof,recyclable and other excellent features.
    6).With irreplaceable advantages of wooden pallets : Moisture proof, mouldproof, no nails, no thorns, no pests, flaky, recyclable, safety and health, etc.

    5.Products Advantages
    1).Non-slipping blocks assembled on and under decks could slow down slipping of cargoes and increase stacking safety.
    2).Bulges around the pallets can prevent marks away from abrasion.
    3).4 way entry design will increase efficiency of loading and offloading .
    4).Reasonable entry height,round and chamfered edge are more easier for accessing goods.

    5).Reinforcing ribs at the legs could increase impact resistance,prevent damage from forklift in using.
    6).Thickening design at four corners increase impact resistance.
    7). Round corners between ribs could eliminate innerstress.
    Surface shall be level and smooth, no cracking and deformation , of unified hue
    No clear color deviation for same batch of cargo
    3)Test Standard:
    GB/T 15234-94single use plastic pallets suppliers