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    Laser Inertial Navi Unit Calibration Free|ultra-high Accuracy|super Scalability|high Stability|compact Envelope For Mobile Measurement System (IMUs)
    1. Brief introduction
    IMU32 is a inertial measurement unit integrated with high accuracy laser gyro. There are 3 high accuracy laser gyros inside, to realize data synchronization and preprocessing by embedded chips, selectable secondary power supply module makes it convenient for users to realize second integrated development. There are also reserved space for the accelerometer and acquisition circuit of accelerometer, the customer can choose to install the accelerometer assembly or not, the imu also can provide the output info of 6 axial sensors, according to the customers.
    2. Features
    (1). Calibration free
    The IMU level error calibration is completed, which is convenient for users’ engineering application.
    (2). Super scalability
    The installation position of three axis accelerometer and accelerometer acquisition circuit can be reserved.
    The installation position of GNSS receiver, and the antenna interface can be reserved.
    Selectable secondary power supply module. (Basic + extended power)
    (3). Stable performance, strong environmental adaptability
    It can be applied in environmental requirements of military grade.
    3. Performances
    Sr. NoParameterTechnical index
    2Bias stabilityGrade A:≤0.010(°)/h
    Grade B:≤0.015(°)/h
    Grade C:≤0.020(°)/h
    3Bias repeatabilityGrade A:≤0.010(°)/h
    Grade B:≤0.015(°)/h
    Grade C:≤0.020(°)/h
    4Bias magnetic sensitivityGrade A:≤0.010(°)/h/G
    Grade B:≤0.015(°)/h/G
    Grade C:≤0.020(°)/h/G
    5Random Walk coefficient≤0.003(°)/h 1/2
    6Scale factor non-linearity≤5ppm
    7Input axis misalignment angle≤10″
    8Bias stability≤5×10-5g
    9Bias repeatability≤5×10-5g
    10Scale factor stability≤30ppm
    11Scale factor repeatability≤30ppm
    Measurement Range
    12Angular rate measurement range±300°/s,±500°/s(Selectable)
    13Linear acceleration±15g,±40g(Selectable)
    Physics performance
    14Start time≤20s
    15Outer dimension (mm)(202±1)×(194±1)×(135±1)
    16Installation interface8 M5 Threaded holes, 4 on each side(145±0.1)mm×(137±0.1)mm
    17Weight (kg)<8kgs
    18Power+28V, +12V,
    -12V, -12V, -12V, -12V
    19Power dissipationStart:100w
    Environmental suitability
    20Working temperature-40℃~70℃
    21Storage temperature-45℃~75℃
    22Shock40g, 11ms, Half sine/final peak saw tooth
    23VibrationSine: 10Hz-500Hz, 5g
    Random: 10Hz-200Hz, 0.015g2/Hz
    24Electrical interfacePower interface, rectangular electric connector:J30J-37ZK
    Communication interface:RS422
    25Connector cable lengthDefault: 210mm±5mm
    26Communication interfaceRS232,RS422 (Selectable)
    27Band Rate115200bps
    28Data refresh rate100Hz

    4. Applications

    This product is suitable for mobile measurement systems of various vehicles and airborne, as well as stabilization systems of aerial mapping and aerial photography.
    5. Packages

    E-mail: [email protected] aided imu price