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    1.Material: fiberglass and epoxy resin.
    2.Process: winding
    3.Diameter: from 10mm—-1000mm
    4.Length: from 10mm—-10000mm
    5.Color: Nature or any color
    6.Surface : rough ,Smooth, SF6 resistant treatment.
    7.Application : Insulation tube for surge arrester ,transformer,bushing and others.
    8.Technical Character

    2Bending strengthMpa≥320
    3Compression strengthMpa≥200
    4Shearing strengthMpa≥32
    5Dielectric loss factor(50HZ)`
    6Dielectric Constant
    7Volume resistivityAt normal conditions
    After immersion in waterΩM≥1.0×1011
    8Insulation resistance
    along laminasAt normal conditions
    After immersion in waterΩ≥1.0×1011
    9Surface withstand voltage after wetting in normal air for 1min with gap between electrodes of 30mmkv14
    10Withstand voltage across laminas δ≤3mm
    in Transformer oil, at 90±2℃,5min δ>3mmkv18
    11Withstand voltage along laminas ion ransformer oil,at 90±2℃,5min,between gap of 25mmkv≥25
    12Insulation resistanceMΩ≥5×104
    13Power Frequency withstanding voltage
    (in Transformer oil,5min,between gap of
    100mm,5min) The gap (on customer’s order)kv≥85Insulation Parts manufacturers