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    EPS Mineral Wool Glass Wool Rockwool Sandwich Panel Production Line
    EPS/Mineral wool (Rock wool) sandwich panel production line is one line can produce both EPS and mineral wool sandwich roof and wall panels, which is economic line can produce popular panel type
    The spefication of EPS and mineral woolsandwich panel
    Feeding width can be 1000/1200mm, 1050/1250mm, 1020/1220mm
    Roof panel Height: 50-200 mm
    Wall panel Height: 50-250 mm
    Length: 1.2m-30m
    Sandwich Panel Types:
    (This type feeding width is exampled by 1050/1250mm)
    H Wall panel of EPS
    Joint Roof panel of EPS
    Tongue & Groove Wall panel of EPS
    Infixing Wall panel of EPS
    Ridge Cap Roof panel of EPS/Mineral wool
    1.Roll Forming Machine
    Our roll forming machine can be customized made and can be used for sheet of different width and thickness. It can be used for fabricating corrugated sandwich panel for roof and wall according to specific requirements.
    2. Laminating Machine
    The laminating machine can be used to make plat panel, and corrugated panel with different internal stand height requirements. To ensure the tension balance, our laminating machine is coupled with uncoiler and clutch disk for braking.
    3. Cutting Machine
    This kind of saw is mainly used to cut the panel into precise lengths to produce batch quantities of cut-to length products. Thanks to the synchronous controller controlling machine stand, it can cut the panel precisely in a stationary state.
    EPS/Mineral wool (Rock wool) sandwich panel production line has wide applications:
    2.Large-scale warehouses
    4.Long-pan roofs
    5.Refrigeration houses, conditioning rooms
    6. Communication base stationsMineral Wool Sandwich Panel Production Line manufacturers